Is Your Relationship Beyond Repair? How Couples Massage And Spending Time Together Can Save Your Relationship

Couples Massage is not often the first thing we think of when we are trying to find ways to save our relationship.  But, it might be the perfect thing to think of first.  In home couples massage can bring relaxation and relief of stress to both parties, and in so doing, can help a couple to learn new ways to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. 

Holding Hands by Stephanie Wallace by CC

Stress is usually what leads to tempers flaring unnecessarily.  It can also lead to stewing anger that should not even be there.  Irrational anger and rage are often the result of stress, especially when  the two people bring the stress home from work and take it out on their significant other.  For instance, if the boss yells at your spouse, who naturally cannot retort for fear of losing their job, they may then take it out on the other when they come home.  Unfortunately, this is a natural and easy reaction, but it is poison to a relationship.

It’s also possible that one of the spouses nearly gets into a car accident, and returns home with their adrenaline surging, in an angry mood.  If they then take that anger out on their spouse, this is yet another relationship destroyer.  Thus, it is important to understand that the natural, unthinking reactions that we all have are not necessarily good or healthy for our relationships.  In fact, it is better to learn ways to deal with anger constructively, so we don’t end up using our spouse as our anger punching bag.  Nobody likes to be treated that way, and if you value your relationship, you will certainly want to start trying something else.

Couple Holding Hands by by CC

If you think a couples massage is a good start, you are definitely right.  Even better is to make an evening of it, with the massage delivered to your home or hotel room, followed by a nice dinner that is ordered via phone or app, or made on site by a personal chef, followed by a relaxing conversation about your and your spouses’ feelings.  The conversation is essential if you want the peace and kindness that is fostered by the on demand massage to last longer than just one day.  Communication is key in any relationship, and allowing one another to voice your feelings without judgment and without repercussion is the only way to make a relationship last.

After this one night of a couples massage at home, you can continue the same trend on a weekly or monthly basis, to continue to the stress-relieving effects.  Of course, communication should happen daily, and be non-judgmental, where you can say absolutely anything to each other, including expressing your feelings about the work you each have chosen for yourselves, taking care of the kids, personal and family discipline styles, and anything else that is on your mind.  This is the key to communicating in a relationship, and making the relationship work and last for a very long and happy time. 

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